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US Clinical Experience

As a practical matter, international physicians and medical students MUST have some US clinical experience before successfully applying to residency programs.  These experiences are called by different names – observerships, clerkships, rotations, etc – but, they all give potential residency programs the assurance that you have some practical experience with the United States healthcare system and evaluations of your clinical and interpresonal skills by US licensed physicians.

Houston is home to the Texas Medical Center – the largest medical complex in the world, including many physicians who graduated from international medical schools. There are MANY opportunities for IMGs to acquire US clinical experience in greater Houston and to network with other international physicians.

This section contains information about how and where to get USCE in Houston and the nearby communities. See below for our most-recent USCE Directories.

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IMG's: Please Share Your Experiences

Are you an international physician or student who has done a rotation / observership in Houston?  If so, please take the following survey, so that we can add your experience to our USCE directory to assist other IMG's.

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Do You Provide Clerkship / Observership Opportunities?

Are you a provider of clinical experience opportunities for international medical graduates and/or international medical students?  If so, please contact us so that we can add your information to our directory.

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